“Time-out” to move factory.  June 2011 to June 2012.

It has been a long time between blog postings.

For the past year we, like all small niche manufacturing companies, have lived through uncertain business times.  In this environment we felt it prudent to structure our business for a slow-down in demand.

However our customers in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia had other intentions and decided they would continue ordering as normal.  Some customers increased their LaserScreen purchases.  As a result we have been very happy to work extra hours and extremely grateful to our loyal customers for their continued support (and apologies for some increases in lead times).

Our business focus is providing our customers with high quality LaserScreens on quick delivery.  There have been times when our small factory has struggled to keep up with demand, so we were delighted when an opportunity arose to relocate to a new, larger facility.  Over the past year we have designed and built seven new large laser rooms, purchased three lasers, significantly upgraded our proprietary laser drilling software and relocated to Unit 1, 32 Leighton Place, Hornsby, NSW.

We are now settling into our new home and looking forward to focusing all our energy and resources back to “business”

New Factory. Just Beginning the build.

New Factory at the halfway point

Dave installing a compressor


The logic behind the new laser drilling factory was;

  1. Increase Productivity and Efficiency.  The new factory gives us the flexibility to simultaneously setup a larger number of jobs and reduce order lead times.
  2. 2.     Undertake R&D.  We now house a dedicated R&D Laser.  We have schedules research projects to explore processes to drill both smaller and larger holes/slots and to drill longer and wider screens.  Other projects will explore new optics systems aimed at improving consistency and quality.We have also had the good fortune to purchase a more powerful laser and are keen to test its potential.

As always, we are grateful for your continued business support.