Jigger Tubes in the Global Sugar Industry –  surprise new applications

We at ActionLaser have enjoyed an excellent relationship with Sugar Research International (SRI) dating back many years.  Our knowledge of stainless steel laser drilling coupled with SRI’s expertise in the sugar processing industry have lead to the invention of the SRI Jigger Tubes.

The concept behind the SRI Jigger Tube is of improving circulation in batch and continuous vacuum pans thereby improving heat transfer and process efficiency.  This has been a clear success.  Today ActionLaser manufactures SRI Jigger Tubes at our Sydney factory and sells these to sugar mills, worldwide.

The consequences of SRI Jigger Tube’s improved circulation and heat transfer in batch pans are improved cycle times; less fine grain production; and lower balance water and defoaming chemical requirements. For continuous vacuum pans improved circulation and heat transfer has seen markedly reduced fouling, resulting in substantially extended operating time between boil-outs, as well as the actual cleaning time being faster.  Improved exhaustion is an alternative benefit, if Mills are not chasing better cycle times or throughputs.

SRI Jigger Tubes “work” because of the very small hole size made possible due to ActionLaser’s laser drilling process.  When operating inside the vacuum pan, the surface tension of the massecuite means that it cannot flow backwards through these very small holes to solidify and block the tubes.  This has been a constant problem with previous jigger tube designs.

SRI and ActionLaser had believed that the SRI Jigger Tubes would only work in natural circulation vacuum pans. However, our customers have proved us wrong!!.

We have been surprised by the excellent results achieved when customers operating old, mechanically agitated vacuum pans have removed the troublesome leaking stirrers and installed SRI Jigger Tubes.

“Trial Brazilian Vacuum Pan”

One factory took the step of replacing a stirrer with SRI Jigger Tubes for energy saving reasons.  Data was gathered on the operation of identical batch vacuum pans in three operating modes:

Mode  1.  Stirrer Only.

Mode  2.  No Stirrer.  No Jigger Tube.

Mode  3.  Jigger Tube Only.

SRI’s financial analysis (below) shows an impressive Net Present Value of $98k and Internal Rate of Return (55%) for the SRI Jigger Tube installation.   This compares very favourably to -$5k NPV and 14% IRR for the Stirrer Only installation in the same pan.

Click here to download – Financial analysis – SRI Jigger Tubes

“Prof Ross Broadfoot, inventor of the SRI Jigger Tube,
delivering a technical paper at Fenasucro Brazil.
Author of the above analysis”

Based on dimensional data of your vacuum pan, ActionLaser with SRI can propose an SRI Jigger Tube system to improve the operation of your factory.  Please contact us at [email protected]