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Brochure Downloads

Folleto Espanol
(Spanish Brochure)
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Brochure – General
General LaserScreen applications and range of product specifications available.
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Brochure – Sugar
Continuous centrifugal liner screen applications and product range.
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Brochure – Sugar (Benefits)
Summarises the yield improvement and screen lifetime benifits achieved by using LaserScreens in the continuous centrifugals.
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Brochure – Soy & Tofu
Applications in extractor machines in the soy / tofu industry.
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Brochure – Pan Filters
Applications in rotary Pan Filters in mining and other industries.
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Micropellet Drying, EPS, EP
Brochure for EPS and EP dryer screens.
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Technical Paper Downloads

Stainless Steel Laser-Drilled Screens for Continuous Centrifugals

By Crane et. al., presented at the SASTAConference, South Africa, 2002.
Precis: Australian and South African sugar industry screen usage is compared. LaserScreens are shown to be a cost effective alternative to chrome-nickel screens.
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Performance of stainless steel laser-cut centrifugal screens.
by Sakurdeep, S. and Wong Sak Hoi, L. (MSIRI staff)
Revue Agricole et Sucrière de l’Ile Maurice, vol. 80 no. 3, Sept.-Dec. 2001/vol. 81 nos. 1-3, Jan-Dec 2002, pp. 242-246. The publisher of this journal is the Société de Technologie Agricole et Sucrière de Maurice (STASM), c/o MSIRI, Réduit, Mauritius.Precis: LaserScreens are shown to produce a lower molasses purity rise by about 1.3 units compared to chrome-nickel screens.
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SRI Jigger Tube Downloads

Jigger Tube Presentation SIMTEC 2008
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Jigger Tube Brochure
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