Our CEO Bevan Rashford enjoyed catching up with many of ActionLaser’s customers during the ASSCT Conference in Bundaberg 11 – 14 May.

Besides manufacturing our own “LaserScreen” products, ActionLaser represents some important international sugar industry suppliers for sale of their materials and equipment in Australia. Amongst these is BMA, the world-renowned Gerrman supplier of advanced and reliable process equipment for the cane and beet industries.

Bevan introduced BMA’s new generation continuous centrifugal machine – the BMA K3300. This replaces the K2300 model, which dominated centrifugal machine sales over the past fifteen years. The K3300 machine has a very small footprint, has been designed for high efficiency, easy access and reduced maintenance requirements.

Due to its new design features and improved manufacturing techniques this new machine represents excellent value for money.

K3300 machines are already operating and delivering excellent results in several countries. BMA and ActionLaser are keen to see the first of these new machines established in Australia. In the Australian context, for any factory considering major maintenance – e.g. replacement of a cracked basket in an aging machine – the keen pricing of the new BMA K3300 machine makes it a very attractive alternative.

Photo: BMA’s compact new K3300 continuous centrifugal machine

For more information speak to me, Steve Morris, at +61 (0)2 9476 3790 or visit BMA at  www.bma-de.com and click the Union Jack for English.