Photo courtesy ASSCT and Bernard Milford Photography

ASSCT 2014

“A very proud moment…”

I had the privilege to attend the 36th ASSCT (Australian Society of Sugar Cane Technologists) Conference at the Gold Coast (28 April – 1 May) together with my colleague, Steve Morris, and our friend and business associate, Mr Dirk Meyer from BMA – Germany.

New for this year’s Conference was the opportunity for all companies sponsoring the event to hold a brief, informal presentation. We thought, immediately, that this was an excellent idea.

Actionlaser is well known in the Australian sugar industry for our continuous centrifugal working screens (“LaserScreens”) and our representation of BMA products and equipment.

Historically LaserScreens have been available with 60 micron wide slots. However the conference presentation was the perfect environment for us to launch our new LaserScreen product – a premium Sugar Screen with 40 micron wide slots!

This premium screen comes as a result of our most recent R&D project, which quite frankly, deserves a blog post of its own. We are very proud of our engineering team who have done a great job in implementing new laser technology, enabling us to push the limits of our manufacturing capability. In fact, we are now supplying screens to the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry with slot sizes down to 20 microns!

So, what is really the benefit of installing a premium 40 micron stainless steel LaserScreen in a sugar centrifugal machine?

Well, it is important to remember that sugar lost to final molasses is the single biggest yield loss in the factory, which makes the screen selection a key factor. Accordingly, it is easy to imagine that narrower slots will contribute to even less sugar yield loss – known in the industry as better molasses purity rise performance!

For more information, please contact, Steve Morris (Business Development Manager) or me, Alexandar Milosavljevic (Sales Engineer) at +61 (0) 2 9476 3790.