Jigger Tubes

SRI Jigger Tubes – Increase Sugar Vacuum Pan Efficiency & Productivity.

SRI Jigger Tubes – Increase Sugar Vacuum Pan Efficiency and Productivity.

ActionLaser supported research undertaken by SRI to develop the SRI Jigger Tube. The elegance of the design is in its simplicity. SRI found that a jigger tube aperature size of 200 microns ensured that when the vacuum was broken at the end of each batch, the surface tension of the massecuite would prevent it from flowing back into the Jigger Tubes.

SRI and ActionLaser officially launched SRI Jigger Tubes to the gloabal sugar industry at the 2007 ISSCT meeting in Durban, South Africa.

The SRI Jigger Tube System significantly improves the operation of sugar mill natural circulation vacuum pans.

At the heart of the SRI Jigger Tube system is a stainless steel tube that is laser drilled with about 100,000 small holes of 200 microns in diameter per metre of tube length. The very small hole size allows the noxious gases and /or vapour to be released from the tube however the surface tension resists the backflow of massecuite even under significant differential pressure – e.g. when vacuum is broken at the end of a batch cycle. Accordingly, SRI Jigger Tubes do not suffer blockage. They continue to operate, delivering the benefits of improved circulation and heat transfer throughout the season.

The SRI Jigger Tubes are placed under the calandria, in a pattern and position to provide maximum enhancement of massecuite circulation. In the most energy efficient arrangement noxious gasses from the calandria are used as the jigger gas. Accordingly there is minimal steam usage, similar to that involved in the conventional venting of incondensable gas from the calandria, and so it is considered “free”.

Each SRI Jigger Tubes System is designed according to the specific geometry of your batch or continuous vacuum pan. The design ensures optimium jigger tube layout and location to achieve maximum circulation improvement for that particular pan.

The photo on the right shows Jigger Tubes installed under the calandria in a horizontal continuous pan.

The SRI Jigger Tube System can be installed as a replacement for an existing jigger system. The SRI system will boost pan circulation by providing better distribution of the jigger feed and will reduce the possibility of erosion of the bottom tube plate and calandria tubes.

SRI Jigger Tubes increase massecuite circulation in the Batch and Continuoius Sugar Vacuum Pans. The SRI Jigger Tubes System provides substantial benefits when installed in natural circulation vacuum pans:

  • Either Batch or Continuous natural circulation vacuum pans.
  • For any massecuite: “A” or “B” or “C”.
  • In existing pans as a retrofit. Or in new pans, at initial installation.
The chief benefits are (please see the Brochure for more benefits):

Batch pans: Reduced cycle time (typically 2-4%, but much greater improvements have been reported); increased final brix (0.6 unit +).

Continuous pans: Reduced encrustation, hence longer operating time between necessary boil-outs (improvement from originally 7 to 14 days has been reported for high purity massecuite) and a cleaner pan after boil-out; more consistent and higher brix; and faster return to normal operation after shutdown with the pan full of massecuite.

Since the introduction of SRI Jigger Tubes in 2003, ActionLaser has sold over 1500 Jigger Tubes in over 16 countries.

Services for Design and Installation.

By arrangement with SRI, ActionLaser markets and supplies the SRI Jigger Tubes System worldwide.

Each System is designed by SRI according to the specific vacuum pan details obtained by ActionLaser from the customer.

Installation is uncomplicated and is typically done by sugar factory engineers or contractors. ActionLaser does not provide a physical installation service. However ActionLaser provides SRI-generated drawings and guidelines detailing the installation requirements.

Regarding information required to specify & price SRI Jigger Tubes:

  • Continuous pans: Please send drawings of transverse section; and longitudinal section showing all the cell walls.
  • Batch pans: Please refer to: “Information required to specify SRI Jigger Tubes for a Batch pan”.

For further information on SRI Jigger Tubes System please refer to:

Click here to download Financial analysis – SRI Jigger Tubes

SRI owns the intellectual property of the SRI Jigger Tube.

ActionLaser manufactures the SRI Jigger Tubes. The SRI Jigger Tubes System is the invention of Sugar Research Institute (SRI). ActionLaser uses its own patented technology to laser-drill the 0.2 mm diameter holes in the tubes, at a density of 100,000 holes per metre of tube length. The tubes have a wall thickness of 1.6 mm and are Type 316 stainless steel material.

  • The SRI Jigger Tubes System is not intended for use in existing mechanically agitated batch vacuum pans. A batch pan with a well-designed mechanical agitator will normally display better circulation than a natural circulation pan, even if the natural circulation pan is improved with the SRI Jigger Tubes System. The only time the SRI Jigger Tubes System would be beneficial in a mechanically agitated batch pan, is if the agitation system is of poor design and does not generate circulation through the whole volume of the pan. In a few instances, in pans having agitators with high maintenance costs and leaking glands that prevent proper vacuum attainment, the agitators have been removed and the SRI Jigger Tubes System installed, with satisfactory results for pan performance. The mainstream application for the SRI Jigger Tubes System is existing natural circulation pan retrofits, to improve performance; and new vacuum pans, to assist natural circulation and boost heat transfer, especially when low pressure vapour is utilised as the pan heating source.