Self Cleaning Filters

Many manufacturers of scraped surface self cleaning filters use ActionLaser LaserScreens as their filter screen. Typical styles include:

  • Plunger scraped type, filtering from inside to outside.
  • Internal rotating scraper type, filtering inside to outside.
  • External scraper type, filtering outside to inside.

The smooth working face, tapered apertures and sharp aperture edges of LaserScreens deliver the following advantages in these types of filters:

  • Improved screen life.
  • Improved scraper life.
  • Reduced screen clogging and higher throughput.
  • Remarkably improved performance [versus other screen alternatives] when the process stream includes fine fibres or particulates that can change shape such as inks, gels, paints or polymers.
  • Strong durable screens [high aspect ratio of screen thicknessĀ : aperture size]
  • Optional hard chrome surface coating further improves abrasion resistance and screen life.

Popular aperture sizes range from 40 to 300 microns.

ActionLaser will custom perforate sizes to suit your application.