Micropellet Drying

ActionLaser manufactures stainless steel micropellet dryer screens for the Expandable Polystyrene [EPS] and Polystyrene [PS] bead industry. LaserScreens are fabricated to suit widely used Dryers such as Carter Day and Gala.

LaserScreens offer the following benefits when compared to Wedgewire Screens:

  • Light weight for ease of handling.
  • Screen flexibility allows LaserScreens to seal tightly on hoops.
  • Positive seal improves yield by virtually eliminating bead loss.
  • Easy to fit allowing less downtime and lower OH&S risks.
  • Higher percentage open area than wedgewire screens, enabling improved drying.
  • Longer screen life.

ActionLaser Silicone rubber self adhesive tape.

ActionLaser developed adhesive backed Silicone rubber tape in response to customer need for the highest possible EPS product retention. Custom Silicone sealing tapes are only available from ActionLaser. Benefits include:

  • Positive seal between hoop and dryer screen.
  • Ensures fast and easy installation of LaserScreen.
  • Virtually eliminates bead loss.
  • Creates a positive seal WITHOUT traditional silicone sealant, greatly reducing downtime.
  • ActionLaser Silicone tape is white, ensuring optically pure product.
  • ActionLaser Silicone tape is adhesive backed, for ease of installation.
  • ActionLaser Silicone tape has high chemical resistance and does not break down whilst in service.
  • ActionLaser Silicone tape has excellent compression set resistance.
  • The Silicone tape rebounds to its original shape ready for refitting of cleaned screens.
  • Being a closed-cell foam, ActionLaser Silicone tape has a low effective hardness and therefore creates an excellent seal by moulding itself to the screen surface.