Food Industry

ActionLaser’s LaserScreens feature numerous benefits for food applications:

  • First, LaserScreens can be manufactured with various width unperforated margins enabling the screens to conform to stringent national and industry cleaning standards. Common “punched plate” screens without margins allow material to collect and resist normal CIP procedures.
  • Second, LaserScreens have tapered holes and slots that resist clogging and blockages.
  • Third, LaserScreens are made from tough durable stainless steels providing economical screen life.

For example, Tofu Extractor Screens are made to suit MASE, Marui, Yanagiya and Yeonchon Machines. They are competitively priced and easily customized to optimise separation efficiency and plant throughput. Customized options include different aperture diameter; open area; chrome wear layer; and metal thickness.

Examples of Food Industry Applications:

Mustard Grinding Screens
Aperture Size: 270 microns
Steel Thickness: 3.0mm

Tomato Paste
Aperture Size: 300 microns
Steel Thickness: 1.2mm

Fruit Juice
Aperture Size: 60 microns
Steel Thickness: 0.2mm

Aperture Size: 60-90 microns
Steel Thickness: 0.2 to 0.45mm

Tofu Extractor Screens
Aperture Size: 60-100 microns
Steel Thickness: 0.45 to0.9mm