Ferguson Perforating and Wire Co.

Based in Rhode Island, USA, Ferguson Perforating has manufactured fine mechanically perforated sheet and plate for over 75 years. Among many achievements, Ferguson pioneered innovative designs for stainless steel perforated products for the sugar industry.

Products & Australian Applications.

ActionLaser has represented Ferguson since 2001 and secured their position as the preferred “quality” supplier of fine punched plate screens to the Australian sugar industry. Products include:

  • Mud Filter Screens.
  • Batch centrifugal working screens.
  • Batch centrifugal “Tubular Slit” backing screens.

ActionLaser “Rapid” Supply & Service.

  • Rapid delivery of Batch centrifugal screens, as we hold inventory of screens to suit most types of centrifugals operating in Australia.
  • Rapid delivery of mud filter screens, as we hold inventory and cut to required specifications.

Non-Sugar applications.

Ferguson Perforating has world leading expertise in fine mechanical perforations. Please consult us for your mechanical perforating needs:

  • Stainless steel perforated sheet.
  • Large quantity mild steel perforated sheet.


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