About Us

ActionLaser is an example of a successful Australian “high tech start-up” manufacturing company.  It evolved from the combination of the sugar industry’s need for a better sugar centrifuge screen and the development by CSIRO research physicists of advanced Nd-YAG laser perforation technology.

Australia’s CSIRO was the home for the Division of Applied Physics, which developed and patented unique laser technology to drill very small holes [or slots] in thin stainless steel sheets.

ActionLaser was incorporated in 1988 to commercialise the CSIRO developed technology.  The company remains privately Australian owned and operated.

The company commenced production and sale of “LaserScreens” in early 1989.  Initial sales were to the Australian sugar industry but quickly developed into export markets, which now account for some 70% of business.  The company operated within the CSIRO facility at North Ryde before relocating to purpose built manufacturing facilities in 1997.

The company received a “Highly Commended” Award from the NSW Exporter of the Year Awards in 1994 and 1997.  ActionLaser also was the 1995 Winner of the Telstra & Australian Government’s “Best Business” and “Best Manufacturer” awards for the State of NSW.

We are extremely grateful for the development assistance we received from the NSW and Federal Government in our start-up phase, which has made it possible to fully commericalise the technology and develop our export markets.

From the mid 90’s we began working with key customers to develop new laser drilling techniques to create screens to meet their specific industrial requirements.  With this strategy we have gained strong commercial positions in specialized niche markets and along the way also developed some enduring friendships.

Today, as in the past, we remain a small company with about 20 employees.  We continually work on new ways to do things.  We are frequently challenged to laser perforate new products that seem impossible.  Often, we succeed.  We are always keen to explore new laser drilling applications, expanding the limits of our known capabilities.